Things To Watch Out For When Relocating With Your Pet

Travel is a tiring thing for any person and it’s even more so for a cat because they have no idea what is happening to them. Essentially to them it feels as if you locked them in a cage. This goes against most natural instincts of animals. So here are some tips to help you make travel for your pet easier. 

When it comes to pet transport, first thing you have to realise is that you’ll have to use a carrier unless it’s an elephant, in which case this article is not for you. However, with common household pets such as dogs, cats etc. a carrier when travelling is a must but a carrier is not something your pets will be use to so before the actual travel date, let your pet get used to the carrier. Make it as comfortable as possible and even place an incentive in the carrier for positive re-enforcement though don’t close the carrier. The more your pet gets used to the carrier, the more comfortable it will be during travel.
With pet transport, another thing to be aware of is food. Most people recommend that they be given a light meal before flights but if your pet is travelling by cabin, then you should have a few light meals packed in bags with plenty of water. When travelling with a cat, a portable litter box is also recommended.
When opening the carrier, always make sure that you have arrived at your destination and have closed the door of your new place. This is because your pet has been cooped up for quite a few hours and might be restless, so the first thing it’ll want to do is run around. If you leave the door open, then there is a chance that your pet will run out and harm themselves or others. So make sure that when you open the carrier you are in an enclosed area. They will get used to the new place in a while but at first they’ll be disoriented and might be skittish.
The key to helping your your pet settle into the new place is getting back to the usual routine. This might be a bit difficult when relocating as even you yourself is still getting used to the arrangement, but keeping up with regular meal times, grooming and exercise is a great way to help your pet get comfortable with the new place. Relocating is tough on humans who actually understand the concept and are willing doing it but your pets will not have a clue what is going on, so to make sure your pet is happy in the new place, give it sometime and give them a little extra attention then usual, once they get used to the place, you’ll be the one who’ll be missing your old place.