The 3 Types of Electronic Pest Repellers


In the season of monsoon your house has the higher chances of insects and pests. Of course, you are thinking of calling the pest control, but think for moment.

The past control will come and clean it up for this time. But insects are to come in every season. So will it not be helpful to keep an electronic pest repeller right beside your hand so that anytime you face an attack you can confront it? And it will save your money from calling the pest control again and again.

What is electronic pest control?

These are electronic devices which are capable of cleaning insects and rodents in various ways. There are three types of electronic pest repellent that work as:

• Repel by strong water jet
• repel by ultrasonic wave
• repel by special light

Repel by strong water jet – these devices can be named as electronic sprinkler. The operating system of this electronic pest repeller follows in such way that when an installed motion sensor gets charged up another device starts to shoot water towards a moving target. You have to consider some step to operate a water jet.

• Type of fastening- you have to fasten the pin properly so that it would not fall.

• Sensor of the motion- this is the most important part. Fix the sensor properly so that the repelled can sense if it is something in the grass or on the ground.

• Water jet power- fix the pressure of the water as your capacity.

• Ways to charge the repellent- there are so many ways. Solar batteries, electrical charging, and accumulators. Batteries are safe but they need recharging while solar charging means independent charging.

• Price- price can be from $60- $180.

Repel by ultrasonic wave – these devices are inaudible for hum
an ear. Animals cannot take the sound that it produces and leave the territory as fast as possible.

Operating system- It combines the functions of various types of resellers at the same time. It can wash out birds and rodents by blinking eyes, sound and ultra sound. The optimal mode of five is the option where the ultra sound works with blinking lights. The third mode of sonic sound is not usually used because it is quite shrill and irritates everybody. This device can be charged by electrical net and 9v battery.

Repel by special light- it can work for a very long time. The red blinking eye irritates the animal and also frightens them. This electronic machine has night guard predator which protects the house from raccoon, coyotes and skunk. It costs $18.25. It absorbs the solar power automatically. And in twilight automatically starts work to protect your home from insects.